Historical Reenactments

Make history fun and MEMORABLE!

Invite historical characters into your classroom to share their unique stories. Seeing history first hand will make your students experience history in a way they will never forget!


  • Revolutionary War: Nancy Hart: I’m a Patriot. My husband is an officer in the Georgia Militia and is off fighting most of the time. That leaves me home to run our 400-acre farm and raise our eight kids. Plus, I’m determined to do my part to rid all of them Tories and Red Coats from Georgia. A river runs through our land that them Tories often travel along. I “pick off” many of them with my musket. I also have shot a cannon at the Red Coats, spied on them, and captured a few Red Coats too. I


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“I saw this Nancy Hart monologue performed at the Basehor Library. It was entertaining and filled with such interesting information about the era. I was impressed with how well it was presented and how she involved the students in the presentation. Students are sure to remember much more about the Revolutionary War after watching this performance than from just reading and discussing it in class. Experiencing history like this makes it truly memorable. I am going to try to get this program at my school–it would be great for any school.”  

~Dr. Ronald Occiogrosso (Dr. O.), teacher at Holy Trinity Catholic School, Lenexa, KS

  • Civil War: Elizabeth Van Lew: Being born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, I learned that slavery was a necessity of life. My opinion changed when I attended school in the North. But when I moved back to Richmond, I realized Papa wasn’t going to change his mind. After he died, my mama, brother and I secretly freed our slaves, and then the war broke out. Quite by accident, I ended up spying for the Union Army with my messages going directly to Ulysses S. Grant.

civil war with class

“That was really cool!”

~Henry- 5th grader at Basehor Intermediate School after watching the program about Elizabeth Van Lew.”

  • Colonial Times: Molly Bannaky: I was found guilty for stealing milk. I only spilled it though! Hanging is the usual punishment but, since I proved I could read the Bible, they sent me to the New World instead as an indentured servant. I was required to work seven years on a tobacco farm. Afterwards, I left and started my own farm in the colony of Maryland. Later, I broke the law by marrying a former slave of mine. I’ll tell you all about life as an indentured servant and what life was like during Colonial times when I come visit your classroom. (Based on a true story.)


  • Folktales and Tall Tales from the U.S.A.: Travel across the United States by listening to tall tales and folktales from around our country.

“Christine is an awesome storyteller! She knows how to engage and involve her audiences of all ages. You won’t be sorry if you have her come to your group!  (Johnson County, Kansas)


Each program lasts approximately forty-five minutes with a chance for students to ask the historical characters questions. I come dressed in period clothing. $200 per program plus travel. (Prices subject to change.) Discounts available if doing multiple bookings.