Etsy shop: FaithandPuppets

Puppets are a great way to communicate ~ Especially with those who have dementia.

One day I brought with me a suitcase full of puppets I had made to an interactive storytelling I was doing with memory care residents in a senior home. As soon as I opened the suitcase, MAGIC happened. When each resident had a puppet in his/her hand, the seniors became excited, laughed, and interacted with each other. Now, I always bring my puppets when working with memory care residents. Even those who are unable to communicate light up when they see a puppet.

I decided that families of loved ones with dementia should have the opportunity to use puppets with their loved ones to create positive interactions together, so I opened an Etsy shop to sell my puppets. After opening my shop, I learned that children with Autism also struggle with communication. My puppets are great for these children too. They are easy to put on–the hand goes directly up through the bottom and into the head–No confusing arm holes. They are easy to manipulate making them great for young and old alike. And, because the puppets are made of soft materials, they are great for snuggling with too!

One of the People puppets