Why me?

meI love stories! Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to listen to them and read them.  In stories, I can go anywhere, be anyone, do anything. When I married and had my own children, (six…4 boys, 2 girls) I loved to read aloud to them and share the wondrous adventures of story land. (I still read aloud stories to my kids!)

In high school and college, I participated in drama and always had fun portraying various characters.  It wasn’t until I joined a local toastmaster’s group here in Kansas (a public speaking organization) that I discovered I had a real talent for storytelling. Other participants in my club kept commenting on how much they enjoyed the stories I told as part of my speeches.

I began telling stories to anyone whom I could corner for a few minutes. I found that people from young children to those old enough to be my great grandparents enjoyed my stories. Never Too Old for STORIES! was born.

Everyone likes a good story. But everyone LOVES a good story that is also told well. Can you imagine listening to the fabulous story of “Tom Sawyer” read in a monotone?  When I tell a story it “comes alive” for my audience. I move around, interact with the audience, use various voices, and the audience sits back, smiles, and has a GREAT time.

I tell stories at all types of events…from birthday parties to corporate events. Your birthday kid will love listening to fun stories with his/her friends and family. What about that scouting camping trip? Imagine the kids sitting around the campfire listening to stories…some of them spooky! Corporate family events. Libraries. Schools.

I have stories that would be great for any event. Just contact me, Christine Henderson.